portland, or may 2012 – part two

6 Jun

If I had to move to America and had to choose a place from the Cities that I have visited, my top picks would be San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR. My two favourite places in the US! Here is the last round up of pictures that I took during our last trip to Portland, OR last week. Hope to squeeze in another visit after our return from the Summer Olympics!

pictured above:
Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Belmont where we picked up a few cold brews!

Monticello Antiques where Rob found himself a long handled ice cream scoop and I picked up a small bowl to add to my Pyrex collection. (Not pictured is the beautiful green cabinet with the matching green enamel top!)

Knittn’ Kitten – This is a unique Portland experience that all crafters should visit at least once.

Coava – part woodworking workshop, part coffee shop

Been hearing about Pok Pok‘s chicken wings for over a year, so we * had * to go try them. Thoughts? Good, but I still prefer the ones from Wo Fung Dessert at Aberdeen Mall.

After Pok Pok, we strolled down Division Street and peeked into a thrift store… R almost stepped on a dead squirrel on the sidewalk which was followed by me screaming like a girl (loud enough for passing cars to stop and stare)… and then continuing down the block until we stumbled across a group of food carts including the pie spot. Yup… a typical Portland day!


Catch up on part one over here or check out my Portland city guides: part one | part two | part three


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