On The Road.

15 Aug

guest postGot Craft? is super excited to support the Sweetie Pie Press Summer Craft Tour 2011 and is pleased to have Becky guest post about her adventures…

I am writing this post as an introduction of sorts. My name is Becky. I am a crafter from Toronto who also runs a craft fair and who sometimes jumps into a station wagon and drives all over the place. In fact, I am doing that right now. I’m not driving while I type, but I am on the road and have been for a couple of months. I am a huge fan of endless travel and of craft which is why I was tickled senseless when Got Craft? asked me to guest blog some of the people, places and things I encounter while I roll.

First up, is the first picture I took from this summer’s tour – before we had even left Toronto. My #1 tip for long-term travel is to have a good home base, with good friends to help you do things that this non-nomadic culture requires (like receive mail). It’s also nice to know that there is love and community waiting for you somewhere. And it’s nice to have friends with message boards.

Becky Johnson is a crafter, artist and organizer from Toronto, Ontario. She is currently travelling North America for four straight months and sharing some of the crafty/designy things she find here. Want to spy on her further? Feel free to follow her blog here.


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