summer in london

19 May

found via the UK curiosity blog, you’ve got to love london by alex silver

Had a bit of a hard morning today. Some days I can’t help waking up and wandering why I left the familiar and secure for the completely unknown. I know I’m lucky to be here and I am grateful to be able to experience this, but you know.. it just pokes you in a sore spot sometimes. Unfortunately, this meant that we didn’t make it to the Yellow Owl Workshop book launch, but we did make a batch of homemade pretzels using this recipe which obviously was delicious as we both devoured all six for lunch with 30 minutes of them coming out of the oven! Yeehaw! Plus, we even whipped up a veggie lasagna using this recipe for dinner. Double yum.

And.. just like it was trying to woo me again and carve a place out in my heart, I found this wonderful video about summer in London. I think it’s working.. well that, and the heat wave being forecasted for the next few weeks!


One Response to “summer in london”

  1. pomomama May 20, 2011 at 23:03 #

    my sympathies! i know the feeling but in reverse/from over the pond. you never stop missing ‘home’ but somehow the new place worms its way into your affections

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