hello hello

10 Apr

photo credit: a place for twiggs


Thank you to all of our lovely readers and welcome to our new home! Based in London, UK and Vancouver, BC, this blog is a meeting place to collect what inspires us, our work and basically, our daily life from both sides of the pond, the DIY community, handmade artists, travel, everyday life, cooking + recipes, weddings, tutorials, cats, ideas… you name it.

Why the change? Well, at one point, I was writing for three blogs (2 of my own, 1 as a contributor) in addition to a Facebook fan page, a twitter account and running my own company. Needless to say, it was a bit too much to handle and I wasn’t able to properly contribute to anything. Of course, after every period of blog silence, I would return with an apology and a promise to myself that all I needed was a schedule. I just had to be more organized. Um, ok.

Now having moved overseas and starting new adventures, I wanted a place to share from both sides of the world. I also don’t like to double post and sometimes have things to say that get posted on one blog, but could interest readers from the other and vice versa. I had to figure out a way to streamline everything and here we are. Bookmark this page, grab a cuppa (and some chocolate biscuits!) and follow along.


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